Local reaction to Alberta’s “Parental Rights” policies

Reaction continues to pour in after the Alberta government’s newly-proposed “Parental Rights” policies were announced on Thursday. 

Former Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk says parents will actually have less rights if these policies come into effect. 

He called the proposed policies unprecedented. 

“It’s not only unprecedented in Alberta or in Canada, but frankly, we probably now have some of the most draconian rules – and soon-to-be laws – relevant to this population of children in the western civilized world.”

He says this also puts some kids in real danger. 

“There is this assumption that all parents are empathetic, caring, and understanding and that if a child wants to reveal to their parents that he/she is gay, that parents will embrace that child,” Lukaszuk said. “While most parents are, unfortunately, not all parents are.”

Meanwhile, Pride YMM says Thursday’s announcement of new “Parental Rights” policies from the Alberta Government was hurtful and transphobic. 

Executive Director Hanna Fridhed says the lack of consultation in making this policy is deeply troubling. 

“It seems a deliberate choice not to consult either teachers, medical professionals, or the gender-diverse community,” Fridhed said. “They (the Alberta government) knew the answer would be that these policies will not create a safer space for trans youth, but very much the opposite.”

Harvard Media did reach out to the offices of Fort McMurray MLA’s for comment on the matter, as well as the Alberta Ministry of Health. We have not received a response at this time. 

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