Opposition to Alberta’s proposed gender laws growing


Concerns over Alberta’s proposed legislation on gender transition, gender education, and parental rights are growing.

Last Friday, a coalition of more than 300 medical professionals and medical students penned an open letter to Premier Danielle Smith, expressing opposition to the proposed policies. They urged for consultations with medical professionals and experts before implementing any new laws.

“By failing to reflect current evidence and by limiting access to medically necessary care, these changes are contrary to the UCP’s stated goal of ensuring ‘Albertans have improved access to world-class health care when and where they need it,” reads the letter.

The letter asserts the proposed laws contravene the Canada Health Act by preventing timely access to medically necessary healthcare as determined by the healthcare provider.

Further adding to the chorus of voices, Trans-Action Alberta has launched an online petition, arguing that the proposed regulations will adversely affect transgender and gender-diverse youth in the province.

According to Trans-Action Alberta, the proposed legislation, “goes beyond regressive” and targets the safety, health, and human rights of trans and gender-diverse individuals and their families in Alberta.

As of Sunday night, the petition has garnered over 8,000 e-signatures.

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