Calgarians Get To Live Our Dream!

Get ready to laugh (or maybe shed a tear) because an Alberta city is about to make your plastic bag dreams come true! Yes, you read it right. Calgary is backpedaling on its single-use item bylaw, which means no more extra charges for paper or plastic bags. Meanwhile, here in Fort Mac, we’ve been living the plastic bag-free life for what feels like forever!

Sure, it might not seem like a big deal, but those little bags are a godsend for all those mini garbage cans scattered around the house. And let’s not even talk about the horror of realizing you left your reusable bags at home, surrounded by a mountain of other bags. The struggle is real! So, here’s to embracing the return of the plastic bag era, where forgetting your reusable bag is no longer a grocery store nightmare. Cheers to convenience, even if it comes in a plastic package!

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