Canoe ownership is not for Arachnophobics!

A couple years ago there was a guy walking around his neighbourhood with a canoe on his head. He would stop every couple of houses and wrestle it down onto the ground, then with all his might he’d flip it back over thrusting it onto his shoulders before heading further down the road.

When I asked him about it – he said he was preparing for a summer of solo canoeing and wanted to make sure he could handle portaging it and getting it back on his truck afterward.  While it was quite a quandary to all who looked out their windows and saw a canoe walking along the road that was nowhere near water – I’m sure it helped make his summer plans a lot easier. 

Over the weekend I had my first attempt at carrying a canoe over my head. 

My husband and I were taking it off the truck, when I went to lower it down to the ground he suggested we instead carry it like the practicing canoe man. The problem: he was at the back of the canoe – with the entire body of it open and clear of obstruction, I was at the front in that tiny cavity past the seat where spiders go to make their webs and catch their prey. 

Of course we hadn’t ridden in it yet this year so suddenly I was the one who was caught in a web of sticky silk. All over my face and shoulders!! I wasn’t sure where my hair stopped and the webs began. I’d have dropped it right there but the thing weighs about 80 pounds and I didn’t really want to injure my hubs for life so instead I pulled the canoe and him quickly to the backyard all the while trying not to open my mouth lest an 8 legged terror crawled in. 

I made it!! But then had to find a way to get it off my head…contortion was the only option of course! I didn’t know my back could bend that way. 

While I’d say I need some more practice before agreeing to carry that again – I think instead I’ll say, anyone wanna buy a canoe? 

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